Building From the Ground Up

Full-service home remodeling in Narberth, PA

Improve your home from the ground up with Tropea Services, LLC. Have those modern light fixtures wired and mounted to brighten up your space. Give your exterior or interior walls a fresh splash of the latest color design. Or install hand-crafted cabinets in your 20th century kitchen. Tropea Services, LLC can provide you with rich woods, well-made built-ins and handcrafted tiles that will charm any guest at your next dinner party.

We have experienced carpentry skills to provide you with the following services:

  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work
  • Window installation
  • Painting and siding installation
  • Paver patio construction
  • Retaining wall construction

Construct. Design. Build.

We can create unique and personalized woodwork for your Narberth, Philadelphia, or Main Line Philadelphia home. We can take care of your custom projects and provide artistic and design-oriented value to your home. Tropea Services, LLC is your reliable remodeling contractor located in Narberth, PA. Contact us today to receive a free estimate at 610-733-2545.